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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The easiest and cheapest Christmas Ornament TUTORIAL!!!!

Yep--It's that time of year again.  Never fear--help is here!  At least in the cheap crafts and decorations department!!

As the kids were growing, I loved decorating for Christmas AND involving the kids in it.  I also didn't want my house to look like something out the Addams Family album!!  Over the years, I've found and invented lots of cheap holidays decorations that you can do with the kids or by yourself AND spend very little money doing it.

 I , for one, detest the spend, spend, spend attitude that the media portrays.  It's getting worse every year with more stores being open Thanksgiving Day for you to spend that money you don't have on stuff you don't need.  IT'S NOT ABOUT THE STUFF!!  It's about the time you spend with friends and family.  THAT'S one of the messages you want your kids to have about Christmas-not who goes home with the biggest and most expensive present.

So here's a tutorial for a Christmas ornament that is inexpensive, easy, and fun.


Supplies: Tea Ring cookies, homespun material OR ribbon, scissors

I have used these tea ring cookies many times over the years.  You can find them at most dollar stores.  I found these particular cookies at the 99 cents/less store in California but I know other dollar stores carry them-and they cost--well--a dollar!

First, tear or cut 1/2 inch to inch strips of homespun fabric. Cut as many strips as ornaments you want to make.  I am a crafter so I have lots of material hanging around.  If you don't have any, Walmart carries fairly cheap fabric.  If you don't like fabric or don't have it, but do have ribbon, use that.  You can also use raffia or jute string.  It's whatever you prefer.
Second, cut about a 14 - 16 inch strip, fold it in half and knot it at the end.
Next, stick the loop through the hole (doesn't matter if it's the knotted end or the loopy end).

Then, put one end through the other and pull gently.

You now have your ornament!!  You can add buttons, spray with glitter or fake snow, or glue a child's or pet's picture on it.  Easy and really cheap!  I leave mine just as they are since I have unruly dogs who tend to get into things when I'm not looking. Also, it's hard to see in the picture, but the cookies have sugar crystals on them that sparkle with the lights.  I added some small pinecones from my yard and now have a cheap, easy, and pretty tree decoration.

Make new memories with your kids or with your friends or by yourself.  Enjoy and get crafting!


  1. I like the ornaments,especially the homey touch of the frayed ribbon, but would end up making them with either white sculpey clay or cardboard. My house has been attacked by little black ants. Darn things are everywhere. :)

    I want to try making those ornaments with my kids at work, but will have to wait until next year, I have filled our calendar with crafts for this whole month. :)

    1. Cute ideas Ami. I like the tea ring cookies because there is really very little to make. However if you have ants probably not a good idea.

  2. This is certainly super-easy, but I'm wondering (really) why you don't make salt dough ornaments? I really am interested.